Handling System: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual

Fair Market Practice

Unique Factories does not maintain a monopoly on spare parts. Our Wet Mix Press line spare parts are readily available in the market as we use only standard models. All necessary parts are also available in our headquarters at fair market prices so you don't need to travel far to find what you need.

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Wet Mix Kerbstone Press - Our machines are easy to operate and as a result also have easy maintenance plans, which lead to better efficiency and less chance for breakdowns.
- Unique Factories revolutionized the wet mix press industry with precision engineered part And service.
- Our skilled technicians are available around the clock, and can service any breakdown with direct full service assistance.
- Unique Factories is fully compliant with international Standards (B.S.) and standards of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.- We do have custom tooling available (upon request).
- PLC control system.
- Our production capacity is medium to large with a minimum of 60 stones per hour.
- The Machine power supply use 380 to 400 volts.
- Powered Take Off
- Powered Palette Magazine
- Custom Tooling Available (upon request)

Fully Automatic & Fully Hydraulic
"Three Stations Round Table"
Concrete Wet Press 400 Tons (Ring Type)
For Producing High Density Concrete Kerbstones & Slabs

• Programmable Logic Control system
• Automatic handling system Take-Off
• Automatic pallet magazine
• Automatic volumetric dispenser system
• Machine is designed to accept product sizes upto 1000 X 800X 250 mm
• Electrical power : 55 kW
• Customized machines can be designed and manufactured as per customer requirement

pressing head bottom plate kerbstone press wet mix concrete Spare Parts Unique Factories prides itself on maintaining and inventory of all the necessary spare parts that might be needed during the production cycle. Every single, nut, bolt, seal, spring and screw is available and in stock. Our logistics department makes sure we are stocked up so when you need to get your business back up and running, we have just the item you need. Not only do we carry these items in oru factory but we will also ship them directly to your specified location.

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Now that's a unique way of doing business... anticipating our client's needs even before they know it!

unique refurbished machines Used & Refurbished Machines Upon availability or per client's requests, we do offer gently used as well refurbished machines. All our refurbished machines are inspected by us and thoroughly prepped for exceptional results.

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